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Ever notice that "capture" is part of "captivate"?

Do you want an informative and intuitive website that’s easy to update and tells your brand’s story?

OR, do you want a beautiful WOW-factor website that leaves an impression and works on any device?

That’s not fair, is it? Because you know you need both.

It’s OK. We know a guy. Actually, we know a lot of guys and gals who can help you get the website of your dreams. They work with us, and they’re all incredibly well versed in making sites that focus on user experience.

That’s right, we didn’t say you. We focus on the people visiting the site. We dive deep into the psychographics of your audience and apply that to your site’s design. We consider their state of mind, what questions they have and even what colors that will resonate with them.

We’ll probably have a few ideas that you haven’t even dreamed of, like going with responsive design. A responsive website will work on any screen – mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop – and help your search engine rankings. Our marketing team will probably have suggestions on getting your new site in front of potential customers and then converting them.

It’s all a part of our process. And we’re pretty damn good at it.

Like what you see? Then come on, Skippy.

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