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Launched August, 2011

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“I think the vibrant new photography & graphics brought this design to life. ”

Nate Walls

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Smoother checkouts for a client who was just our type.


Ironically for a company all about personality typing, their website was businesslike but didn’t convey personality and warmth.

  • Business Problem
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Professional consultancy firm focused on using personality typing to enhance individual and organizational performance. Ironically for a company that’s all about personality, their old website was businesslike but didn’t convey personality and warmth. Clearly communicating the benefits of their services was a struggle. And the checkout process for their resources was so complex, even the owners couldn’t reliably navigate it.

We developed a friendly, people-focused web experience that highlighted the benefits of their practice. We overhauled their eCommerce process to make resources simple to find and easy to purchase. We advised them on strategies for using email marketing and color psychology to make a more emotional connection with their target audience.

Disciplines Applied:

  • web design
  • UX
  • consulting
  • eCommerce

Business Benefits/Return on Investment:

  • Fewer phone calls, more online sign-ups for training, lowering administrative expense
  • Greatly improved user experience for sales of resources
  • Better site structure for search engine optimization

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