Who's story? Our story. 

That's our story (and we're sticking to it.)

There's always more than one version of the past. Events become stories, stories turn into legends, legends grow shrouded in myth. 

Which one do you want to hear? 

Let’s be clear, we’re not selling advertisements. We’re telling stories.

Our company was founded on this principle in 2006 when a couple of guys started a creative firm which quickly earned a reputation for creating beautiful websites that ranked high in search results. Disappointed with available web technologies, we invested in our own custom-crafted solutions for content management, e-commerce, social media and more.

For several years, we were known as the best of all-things web, but to better tell our clients’ stories, we needed to expand our capabilities. So we did. As the company grew, our founders sought out the most experienced and talented marketers and creatives to expand our offerings, and ultimately the company.

Fast forward several years, and OOHology is a dedicated, results-focused agency headquartered in Louisville, Ky. We integrate the best of branding, marketing and web strategy to tell our clients’ stories. In seven years, we’ve grown from a sole proprietorship to a mid-sized, full-service agency with full-time employees in Louisville, Chicago, Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

How’d we do that? Glad you asked.

  • Success breeds success… Successful performance for hundreds of clients yields excellent positive word-of-mouth marketing.
  • We have a saying: “We’re always hiring and we’re never hiring.” We remain committed to intelligent growth, only hiring the best of the best.
  • Strategic and creative marketing solutions with flawless execution. We give our clients the attention they deserve.
  • Our reputation as a “High Design” agency. If you’re looking for progressive, world-class design and impact, you’ve found it.
  • Sophisticated technical teams/expertise in both front-end and back-end development.
  • We’re just different. We take pride in being disruptive, and really don’t like to be called an agency.
  • We’re the best at integrating the real world and the web.

OOHology clients range from small, local businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, but we approach them all the same. We’re here to tell your story.

But if you’d like to hear more of ours, HIT THE WAYBACK MACHINE.

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