Kate Morrison

Chief Marketing Officer

Let’s Do Lunch

Kate has worked her magic on OOHology’s marketing, and we still haven’t figured out how she pulls it all off. Her bag of tricks includes everything from unconventional advertising techniques to the latest digital CRM strategies.

Since joining OOHology as Chief Marketing Officer, Kate has tripled the size of our marketing department. She takes a holistic approach, looking at high level client goals to distill a long-range plan for success. Her expertise running sophisticated marketing programs has added CRM programs, email marketing, and much more to the tools we can deploy on behalf of our clients.

After earning a degree from Xavier University, Kate moved to Las Vegas, where she focused on marketing and interactive media for hotels and casinos including The Palms Casino Resort, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Monte Carlo Resort & Casino. Kate now puts her experience to work creating custom marketing plans, web design and high-level branding concepts for OOHology clients.

While Kate takes a scientific approach to marketing, she has a personal fascination with the unexplainable. Her love of stage magic lead her to help organize Louisville’s first International Festival of Magic. She loves horror movies, haunted houses, and ghost tours. Guess whose idea it was to have a tarot reader at our Majik party? We predict a great future’s in the cards for Kate at OOHology.

Work with me, I am awesome.