collateral designYes, the digital age changed marketing, but it’s hardly time to toss all your paper into the recycle bin. In fact, doing so could be a grave mistake. Paying attention to all your customer touchpoints means making sure your printed pieces are designed to impress. Otherwise, they’re not worth the paper they’re printed on.

What is Collateral Design?

Marketing collateral consists of printed assets which carry your brand. This may include letterhead/stationery, brochures, catalogs, folders, sell sheets, and other presentation materials. Taken more broadly, it might even include signage, including Out Of Home (OOH) placements or auto wraps. It could also include ads designed for digital or print publications.

Why is Collateral Design important?

Print is another avenue for companies to increase your brand’s reach. Well-executed collateral marketing pieces can help create a tangible, premium brand experience for your prospects, lead or customers. Whether its a print ad campaign or providing the proper collateral to your business development team, print is a chance for your company to stack more paper. The green kind.

Mueller Brochure

How we OOH Collateral Design.

Our print design focuses on telling the client’s story to their specific audience. We dive deep into the psychographics of customers, considering their state of mind, what questions they have and even what colors that will resonate with them. The end product is a print piece that connects with people and increases conversions. Are your print pieces giving you paper cuts? We can help.

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