copywritingIf you ever visit OOHology and notice someone wandering the office with an inquisitive look on their face, coffee mug in one hand, pen and pad in the other, it’s likely one of our copywriters in their natural habitat. Don’t worry, they’re simply wresting a brand’s message into a compelling line or call-to-action. We only ask you don’t feed them and stay behind the barriers – it’s unsafe to disturb them in this state. 

Poor Zach is still recovering from the last incident.

What is Copywriting?

The word “Copywriting” is really a misnomer. It’s thinking. Before you can put pen to pad or fingers to keys, you have to think. Copywriters take a brand’s message and break it down to its most basic foundation, and then rebuild it in a way that’s relevant to the target audience and suited to the platform.

Why is Copywriting important?

It’s not too much of a stretch to say your business is selling something. A product or a service. Your copy can attempt to sell a consumer on your product, or it can sweetly seduce them. Copy should align your unique selling propositions with your brand’s voice, and be written in a compelling way for your target audience. Otherwise, you’re just selling, which, believe it or not, doesn’t translate to sales.


How we OOH Copywriting.

We get to know our clients – and their clients – on an intimate level (it sounded less creepy in our heads…) From there we take the company’s message about their product or service, and we craft in a way that whispers sweet benefits in the target’s ear. You seem like the kinda person who appreciates great copywriting. We like that about you – it’s why we think you’re so sexy. Flattery will get us everywhere, you say? Sweet.

Work With us, We promise things won’t get too weird.

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