illustrationWe have a full staff of artists of all sorts. Heck, one of our founders majored in sculpture and minored in painting. So it shouldn’t be a shocker we’re capable of delivering some pretty amazing handcrafted illustrations and infographics. We’re up for anything. 

Wait, you want a sculpted bust of your CEO? OK, well would you prefer Roman-influence or something more modern?

What is Illustration?

The root word here is “illustrate,” and that’s exactly it. Illustrations, or digitally-handcrafted designs, are a visual explanation. Complex products or processes are often best explained with a detailed replication that can walk someone through what the heck you’re talking about.

Why is Illustration important?

You know the old saying, illustrations are worth a thousand words. Sometimes, words just don’t cut it (apologies to our copywriters). Actually, in an ideal world, we marry your copy and illustration to best explain the subject matter.

How we OOH Illustration.

As storytellers, we firmly believe in the power of custom illustrations. Before diving into an illustration, we look at the audience and your brand’s personality and messaging, and meld it all together to create a simple, sexy visual.

Really? We thought you were kidding about that. Please forward all sculpture-related inquiries to Mark.

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