So there are two schools of thought among internet marketing companies.

The first school is "rock the fundamentals." These agencies focus on building and maintaining mastery of the "classic" internet marketing disciplines. Search engine optimization. Paid search management. Email marketing. Maybe even social media marketing. They focus on tried, tested and proven tactics applied with solid business strategy.


Unconventional Thinking

The second school of thought is "adapt or die." These agencies focus on the bleeding edge of digital marketing. Whenever a new weapon is launched into the digital marketing arsenal, they want to quickly assess, master and figure if and how it can be used to benefit their clients. Get there first, seize the opportunity, and then move on to the Next Big Thing. Is a social coupon deal a good idea? Let's crunch the numbers and find out. Stumbleupon redesigned their advertising offering? Let's give it a test drive. QR codes? Sure...why not make the real world as clickable as the web?

We dropped out of both schools. Because the very best internet marketing doesn't make you choose.

Can we offer a rock-solid, classic internet marketing program? Sure. We've done that for a number of happy clients. But we also believe the very best results come from diving into new thinking and tools from a reliable foundation in the basics.

We're like that classic Fender guitar, in the hands of a skilled improviser.

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