With online media buying, there are basically three things you can do with your money: waste it, spend it, or invest it.

Wasting it might be dumping it on “demographically targeted” banner ads on a massive network, going for bulk impressions, and hoping for the best. This is the online advertising equivalent of going to Vegas and putting your entire budget on 23 red because you really liked Michael Jordan.

Spending it might mean running a rich media or Adwords campaign targeted by keywords, interest, geography, or something a little more specific than “women aged 25-45.” Because you recognize that the 20something affluent foodie who is your ideal customer should not be lumped in with a 40something making-ends-meet single mom.

Investing it? That would be working with a company that starts with “what will turn into an increase in revenue?” and works back from there.

We do two types of online advertising: Search and Display

Paid Search. Pay Per Click. SEM. PPC. If you think deciding what to call it is hard, try actually doing it.

Advertising on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing makes good business sense. After all, when was the last time you picked up a phone book to look for a business?

However, it’s easy to overspend on a poorly researched and executed Adwords campaign. Effective PPC requires constant management. Checking quality scores, clickthrough rates, Cost-Per-Click, Cost-Per-Acquisition. Looking for new keywords to target (and underperformers to ditch).

If you’d rather not get your PhD in PPC, leave it to us.  Contact us today to see how we’ve helped clients dramatically improve their paid search performance.

Display Ads. Banner Ads. Rich Media Ads. Beautifully-designed, seductively-placed.

There’s an art to creating a banner ad that is eye-catching enough to capture a click, without being distracting or annoying.

But a beautifully-designed ad is only half of the equation. The more important part is where you decide to put that ad. Because the right ad in the wrong place can be worse than the wrong ad in the right place.

We’ll take a hard look at your target audience. Not just demographics, but who they are, what they care about, and where their online interests fit logically with your product or service offering. We’ll create a compelling, must-click call to action. And we’ll monitor the performance via analytics to tell you how well it’s delivering new prospects.

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