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Staxxon came to us with a remarkable, innovative product with the potential to transform the shipping and storage industry. What they didn’t have? Any branding, assets, a website, or a clear idea of how to convey the benefits of their product to their target audience without a lengthy, technical explanation.

brand strategy

  • Brand standards manual including tagline
  • Digital assets including 3D animations
  • Infographics to sell the benefits of their product
  • Strategic consulting for product launch

Stacking the odds for a successful launch.

Ironically for a company all about personality typing, their website was businesslike but didn’t convey personality and warmth. Clearly communicating the benefits of their services was a struggle. And the checkout process for their resources was so complex, even the owners couldn’t reliably navigate it.

Type Resources

A client who was just our type

  • Fewer phone calls, more online sign-ups for training
  • Lowered administrative expense
  • Greatly improved user experience for sales of resources
  • Better site structure for search engine optimization

We dig folks with personality.

Cupcake frosting made even more irresistible

  • Beautiful, luscious custom product photography
  • Slick, enjoyable shopping cart experience
  • Fully-integrated social media feeds
  • UX driving cupcake divas and rockstars to sales. Cha-ching!

It’s cupcakes. Com’on.

Badass producer of awesome gourmet cupcake icings. No website. No online shopping cart. No pretty pictures of tasty delicious iced cupcakes. Social profiles that weren’t driving sales.

Icing Crafters

Helping Patients find information, doctors, & each other

  • Information-rich, navigable patient & physician resource
  • 3D assets clarify the device’s unique features
  • Easy to update physicians directory
  • Patient discussion forum for those helped

It’s all in the wrist.

Aptis Medical supplies a unique artificial wrist replacement joint. They needed a website not only as a patient education center, but also a resource for physicians performing the procedure. We created engineer-perfect 3D renderings of the device, and a rich web resource to connect patients with physicians and each other.

aptis medical

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