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Launched February 2011

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“We got to freshen up a brand that offers green products in a not-so clean industry.”

Jeff. Back End Developer.

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Marketing soup-to-nuts, bolts, and heavy equipment


Phoenix Processing sells water recycling & mining equipment. Their website & print collateral were dry, technical, & a little unfriendly. They needed an updatable website, a recyclable custom email template, & a friendlier brand.

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Phoenix Processing Systems is the only U.S. distributor for Aquacell water recycling systems as well as a manufacturer of equipment for the mining industry. Their website and print collateral were dry, technical, and a little unfriendly. They needed a web solution they could update themselves, a custom email marketing template they could recycle, and a friendlier marketing presence.

We created a new, user-friendly, content-managed website for the company that emphasized how their customers applied their products, rather than focusing on the products themselves. We turned the photography of one of their employees into a “virtual spokesperson” for the company, putting a human face on a very technical manufacturer. We provided print marketing collateral that was consistent with their online presence. And we provided an email management system and custom, branded templates supporting their customer relationship management.

Disciplines Applied:

  • web design
  • print design
  • marketing
  • content management
  • email marketing

Business Benefits/Return on Investment:

  • Created brand avatar used in trade shows, offline marketing
  • Increase email database effectiveness
  • More brand consistency in print materials
  • Ability to update website frequently

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