search engine optimizationWhen a consumer goes to Google, they search for something and roll through the top few answers until they’re satisfied, bored, or given humans’ dwindling attention span, distracted into another web portal… Aw, it’s a video of a baby sloth scratching

Your website must be found before baby sloths intervene. Trust us on this one.

What is SEO?

When you have great content Google looks at your site and says, “Oh, that’s nice,” and puts your site higher in searches. High-quality content is also gets links from other sites, which is kind of like a word-of-mouth referral in Google’s eyes. All of this goes towards optimizing your website for search engines, also known as (wait for it), SEO.

Why is SEO important?

Our SEO practices have given clients huge boosts in business. Dauenhauer Plumbing saw a 40 percent increase in business after working with us. Don’t take our word for it, though.

Dauenhauer SEO

How we OOH SEO.

SEO changes early and often, so our Google Partners, or in-house certified AdWords experts, are proactive in keeping tabs on digital industry news. We engage in only reputable, “White Hat” SEO best practices to keep websites ranked high on search engine results pages (SERPs). With our help, you can capture your audience’s attention, get the desired conversion, gain a new customer and still have time for a half hour downward spiral on YouTube.

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