video and motion graphicsYou do what you do, really well. Right? It’s what keeps you in business. But we’re going to go all-in that you are not storyboard writers, videographers or producers. It’s not like you’ve ever needed to know that, or anything about video animation, or whether you should shoot this scene with a deep depth-of-field or wide open at f1.4, or how to best export this video for a TV spot versus an online video

For your video, you’ll need all of that. Plus creativity. That helps, too.

What are Video & Motion Graphics?

Forget the imagery in your head. You’re probably thinking about a massive lighting set up, “lights, camera, action” and big budgets. But that’s not always the case. New media is changing Video & Motion Graphics. Monthly videos for your website or YouTube account are entirely different from a national TV campaign. At OOHology, Video & Motion Graphics are simply another way to reach your target audience. And it’s more affordable than you might think.

Why are Video & Motion Graphics important?

Traditionally TV dominated video, but half a century later ol’ Bob Dylan is still right – the times are a-changin’. You don’t need a nationwide media buy to reach your target, and in fact, your target might be more likely to see your message on YouTube, Vimeo or other social platforms. Video can be integrated into a variety of web experiences. On-demand media is the fastest-growing type of content. Don’t ignore it.

How we OOH Video & Motion Graphics.

We’re a storytelling agency. We live for this. It’s why we wake up in the morning, what we’re thinking of during our morning coffee and evening bourbon (or afternoon, depending on the day). We’ll write a compelling script, custom build animations, shoot the video on state-of-the-art equipment and produce a high-quality piece for all of your marketing desires. Need help optimizing a digital and traditional marketing plan to distribute the spot? No problem, we got this. Our only stipulation: We don’t promise Academy Awards. Just results.

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