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Peptides International offers high-purity, biologically active peptides and peptide products to the pharmaceutical, research and cosmetic industries. While it’s rock science in the literal sense, it might as well have been rocket science to us. This was highly technical, complex stuff. A tour around their office looks like a scene from Breaking Bad (the fancy lab, not the Winnebago), with beakers and Bunsen burners and all kinds of science-y stuff. Luckily we don’t have to know how to calculate the solubility of an amino acid, we just need to tell the brand’s story in a simple, compelling way.

Peptides International | Hexagon

The Problem

This Ain’t Your High School Science Problem

Peptides International is a world leader in peptides and peptide synthesis (seriously, we’re not just saying that because they’re our client). Unfortunately, their website wasn’t up to the same state-of-the-art standards as their products. With a huge product database with extensive documentation for each item, they needed a sophisticated-yet-simple e-commerce solution. And naturally, it needed to work as well on mobile as the desktop. After the site would launch, they also saw a need to take their marketing efforts digital. More on that in a nanosecond.

Peptides International | Hexagon Peptides International | Hexagon


A Solid Solution

Our creative team refreshed their brand, distilling Peptides International’s identity to a clear set of guidelines. Our mad scientists of user experience hit the lab and formulated a responsive web layout to wipe the “overwhelming” stuff right out of their product catalog. We made their products and documentation easy to locate. The clean, modern visuals and bright colors reinforced their brand promise of high-purity products.

Our content strategists organized their extensive archives of newsletters and scientific publications, so visitors who needed a little more convincing could quickly get to the information that best demonstrated their expertise. The result is a perfectly logical path to conversion for this client.

But the most impressive part of this website was the custom-developed peptides calculator. This thing is a beast, doing instantaneously what a scientist typically has to test and retest. The calculator helps researchers take better first guesses as to what chemical will work with their scientific tests. Our team built a tool that automatically estimates molecular weight, molar extinction coefficient, molecular formulas, net charges, solubility, and half a dozen other things that we (the copywriters) still don’t understand. But it’s been a hit with the industry—this has been called the most innovative peptide calculator on the market.

The new website delivered excellent ROI for Peptides International. In the first 90 days, both organic search and referral traffic went up 50%. Overall traffic increased an impressive 80%. And the slick new design is generating a lot of conversation — social media traffic referrals went up an astounding 1200%!

Peptides International | Hexagon
Peptides International | Hexagon Peptides International | Hexagon


Measureable Results

Soon after the launch of the website, Peptides International came back to OOH to work our magic once again. The task at hand was to create a digital media campaign to build awareness for the brand, as well as build online sales of their peptides.

We decided the best way to stir up awareness was disruption. With the new and innovative peptide calculator on the website, we decided to change how people are shopping for peptides. Typically researchers and scientists would do a Google search for their acid, find a vendor, order a sample and run the solubility and compatibility tests in the lab. If they didn’t get the results they wanted, they started the process over.

Our digital ads handled all of this process
 in a single click.

Our ads were so innovative, the media vendor had to do internal testing and research just to see if it was possible. Instead of having a standard call-to-action button that led to the site, we extended the unique peptide calculator into the ad. People could type their amino acid directly into the ad, and with one click, they were on the Peptides International website, looking at the exact scientific results it would have taken weeks to produce before.

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Peptides International | Hexagon Peptides International | Hexagon Peptides International | Hexagon

If all of this sounds more magical than mathematical, that’s fine. Don’t take our word for it, just ask Bob, the Director of Marketing at Peptides International.

The Numbers

Speak for Themselves

  • 80%

  • 1200%

  • 1.35%